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Trolls and Goblins

by Red Vox



Trolls and Goblins, a song about exactly what you'd expect. I wrote it in about 2005 and it's been sitting dormant for a long time. Recorded at Red Room Studios. Recording this song was an incentive of our 2015 charity stream. Thank you all so much for making this happen!


In a forest, past the harvest, lived a troll named Drizzle Drozzle Dum
His obsession with possession led him to an awfully tragic end
One bright morning, after yawning, Drizzle Drozzle stole a goblin's lunch
He was hungry and his tummy gave the signal for him to have a munch

Tasty snail stew, quite tough to chew, Drizzle ate well then he went to bed
Dreams of dragons, gnomes and half-lings, elven woodsmen began to fill his head
Soon the goblin, to his chagrin, found his food was taken by the troll
So he set out, there was no doubt, maimed poor Drizzle, hung him from a pole

(goblin solo)

Drizzle Drozzle got his fulfill, but his actions led him to his fall
That's his story and I'm sorry if you can relate to him at all


released October 22, 2015
Guitar/Vocals/Keys - Vin
Drums - Mike
Bass - Joe
Tuba - John

Track art by Kinlaink.



all rights reserved


Vine Staten Island, New York

My name is Vinny. I make music sometimes, amongst other things. Please check out some songs.

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